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The Purpose Encounter is a Conference experience that is designed to awaken the dreamer to come alive in what they have been predestined to do! These power-packed sessions provide

God Encounters that will change your life forever.

November 10 & 11

Friday | 7:00pm Free!
Saturday | 9:00am Register Below

Purose Enconter Regiter

The Purpose Encounter is the place to meet God for strategy and instructions. It is designed to help attendees realize their hidden potential and awaken the dreamer within. The Purpose Encounter is divinely set up for God Encounters that will produce God Ideas. The Purpose Encounter midwives or what we call Conference Speakers will encourage you to push and give birth to your dream!

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What started as a God encounter for us, produced a God idea that has literally shifted and changed the game for many of the attendees in 2018 who found themselves stuck in life with no forward movement! I believe that The Purpose Encounter is not only a strategic setup to empower attendees to become more aware of God’s original intent for their life, but it is also intentionally designed to provide conference speakers who can provide tools that will change the way you do life! Get Ready! Your Life will NEVER be the same! 

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