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Learning How To Live On Purpose

Welcome to Live on Purpose University! Where your purpose is my passion! I create to see you win and become unafraid to Live as your authentic self! I have created the Live U community to revive and EmpowerHER to unlock HER potential and purpose! Live U was designed to empower the woman within to come alive and LIVE ON PURPOSE!

Kelly Dione Butler
"We are a result driven community of women unlocking the greatest version of who we are predestined to be."

Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out your purpose?


Do you wish you had practical and applicable tools and systems for developing you?


Are you ready to be at peace and unafraid to live as you?


Are you ready to experience growth and strength in who you where predestined to be?


If you have answered yes to all of these questions, this is for YOU!

Are You Ready to Live U?

Purpose DiscovEry classes

Here at Live U we want to empower you while on your purpose journey. One of the primary ways that you will be equipped & empowered is in our weekly Live Virtual classes. These classes are designed to equip you  holistically.  These classes are primarily focused on biblical principles for purpose discovery, leadership, and everyday life skills.

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Monthly Intensive

We are excited to offer live monthly virtual intensives. Our Intensives are much different than our weekly classes, these 2-3 hour intensives are on particular subjects matters. we will tackle wide array of subjects, from Purpose blueprint, to launching your dream.  These intensives will happening every 2nd Tuesday of every month. All intensive are valued from anywhere from $497 to $1197. There is no extra enrollment or registration for these live intensives. it is available to all of our members. 

Facebook community

Gain immediate exclusive access to our Facebook community. Our purpose journey has it's own challenges, setbacks, and moments of struggle. Why  do it alone?  This community is a group of like minded women learning how to LIVE on purpose!

Purpose on demand

As a Live U member you will gain immediate exclusive access to our Live U Portal. Purpose on demand is yours. Watch all our weekly classes at your convivence and download free tools & resources.

Member discount

We believe that there should be advantages to memberships. You will receive a 10% discount on all Live U products and live events. 


"Live U"

Unlock Your BEST DAYS!

Membership Access Only $47

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