Live on Purpose Exists to Revive and EmpowerHER to WIN BIG at Living her Best life!

 “Are You Ready to Create a Reason to Live Better?”


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Through conferences, virtual learning, and digital mentorship opportunities we create to see you win. Live On Purpose is designed to help you create a reason to live your best life and walk more effectively in your purpose.


The Purpose Encounter is Conference experience that is designed to awaken the dreamer to come alive in what they have been predestined to do! These power-packed session provide God Encounters that will change your life forever.

EmpowerHER is personal development focused. We provide tools and resources to help women WIN On Purpose. From women's conferences, classes, and mentorship you are sure to discover you and win at living your best life!

Life Skills | Personal Development | Purpose Discovery | Career Planning


Live On Purpose University exists to educate the value of one's purpose. We provide classes & resources that will develop the woman who is in pursuit of living HER best life!

I am irrationally passionate about awakening the dreamer helping them organize, plan, and create the blueprint that will cause their dream to be fulfilled. As a result my generation will experience Living On Purpose.

Kelly Dione Butler

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