Live on Purpose

Live on Purpose Exists to Revive and Empower People to Encounter their Purpose and Begin to WIN BIG at Living their Best life!           

 “Are You Ready to Create a Reason to Live Better?”

Through conferences, social events, and mentorship my passion is to see people come alive in their purpose. I help people create a reason to live their best life and walk more effectively in their purpose.

Let’s create the blueprint that will help assist you in fulfilling your dream. 


Establish and organize your church ministries structure, upcoming  events, or your personal ministry through our effective planning sessions

A mentorship that will help teens and adult women understand their value and help  establish them in their purpose. 

WIN at Living Your Best Life!

I am irrationally passionate about awakening the dreamer helping them organize, plan, and create the blueprint that will cause their dream to be fulfilled. As a result my generation will experience Living On Purpose.

Kelly Dione Butler

Through our mentoring programs, social activities, and events Live on Purpose was designed to help people create a reason to live better.