Live on Purpose

Living in fear, because of insecurities, caused me to not live at my full potential, limiting my growth and accomplishments. I had built limitations for myself that caused me to live according to my circumstances instead of embracing my designed predestined call.  I have pursued many things to find happiness, but those things failed because they were outside of God’s purpose and matchless love for me.  It was in the pursuit of finding my purpose,  I began to be more aware of and become unashamed of God’s design for my life.

Hi, my name is Kelly Bulter, the founder and CEO of LIve on Purpose, LLC. I have encountered many teens and adult women with a similar story as mine. My desire is to see women of all backgrounds win at living there best life. Live on Purpose exists to revive and empower this generation of women to overcome limitations that come to stop their pursuit of happiness. It is now time for you to create a reason to live better. It’s time to Live On Purpose! Read my full story in the ‘Brilliant Awakening’ magazine. Click here to purchase the magazine.

Live On Purpose

Live On Purpose, LLC is an organization that is devoted to teen girls & adult women whose ready to win at living their best life. We believe that through our mentorship programs, conferences, and classes’ teens and adult women will become more aware of their purpose!  We believe through each session a revival of the hidden potential within will begin to surface. We also believe in providing tools of empowerment that will suit her purpose so she can be most effective in her pursuit.

Simply put, Live on Purpose, LLC exists to Teach, Revive, and Empower Women to live their best life on purpose.

Our Focus is in Personal Development:

Through our EmpowerHer Network, we aim to provide tools that will aid in the discovery process for the courageous woman who dares to access her purpose. As growth happens, she is sure to obtain the ability to demonstrate who she is with clarity and confidence.

Live on Purpose “EmpowerHer Network” was designed to help Women create a reason to live better.

Girl Chat

Monthly EmpowerHer Girl Chat Real, Relevant, and Christ center discussions that are sure to fuel you for your purpose.

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Live University

LiveU is designed as an institution of learning providing a classroom setting where life skills, personal development, vision planning, coaching session can be most effective.

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Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies is a community for adult woman who lead. This group exist so woman can experience support, love, inspiration, and a push into their purpose within a safe environment.
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Young Woman of Purpose

Young Woman of Purpose exists to provide a safe environment where young woman can experience a community of support, love, inspiration, and a push into their purpose.

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Through our mentoring programs, social activities, and events Live on Purpose was designed to help Women create a reason to live better.