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A Bit About Me

Kelly is a multi-talented creative who possesses an intuitive knowledge and fresh perspective for creativity in vision planning. Reviving and Empowering the dreamer to take their vision and create their dream is her passion.

Kelly Dione Butler

Kelly Dione Butler
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I am irrationally passionate about awakening the dreamer helping them organize, plan, and create the blueprint that will cause their dream to be fulfilled. As a result my generation will experience Living On Purpose.


Discovering you Unlocks new life.

The process of unlocking can have it's moments of pain, but don't get stuck there, grow there. Discovering the authentic you is necessary. God is calling the insecure HER to come forth & WIN ON PURPOSE!


An Awakened Dreamer Creates the Reason to Live Better Becoming Unstoppable At Winning on Purpose & Changing the WORLD Everywhere THEY Go!


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