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Are You Ready to Win BIG at living your best Life? The EmpowerHer Network Community is here to help you win! Finding your Purpose can be challenging and sometimes quitting looks good! Join our EmpowerHer Network community where women like you can find support and empowerment! 

It’s time to create your win! Join our community today! The EmpowerHer Network is sure to empower you to level up & discover what you were predestine to do! 

It’s time for you to Win and Win Big! Join our WINNING Community today!

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The EmpowerHer Network membership is designed for women who are actively pursuing their Purpose and ready for

Our weekly Empowerher Session are sure to help develop you personally, increase your leadership capacity, and provide tools for you to begin WINNING BIG at living your best life!

I have partnered with some of the most incredible teachers, entrepreneurs, and leaders to provide you with world class knowledge and the proper tools to launch you out into your destiny!

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Goal Setting - Financial Freedom - How to Live On Purpose - Mentoring/Coaching Moments

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Through The EmpowerHER mentorship program women learn how to master who they were predestine to be! Gaining clarity and confidence they begin to Live life more courageously on purpose


We have created a safe environment where women can experience a community of support, love, inspiration, and a push into her purpose. Our EmpowerHER Girl Chats are Real, Relevant, Christ Centered, and Life Changing

It’s Time For You to Create Your Win!

Real - Relevant - Life Changing Conversations!

"Girl Chat"

Our Monthly Girl Chat is a community of Women who come together to grow while on their purpose journey, build relationships, chat about life's challenges, & glean from others experiences. Join our community today!

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"Girl Chat"

Welcome to our
Teen Girl Chat Community

We are a community based group located in churches and schools helping teen girls discovery their purpose in the earth.

Our "School Girl Chat" is a group of students who decided to go on their purpose journey while in school. Our junior high and high school girls have the incredible opportunity to discover their value and worth, build relationships, and chat about life's challenges from a teens perspective, & glean from others experiences all while earning their education.

Our Teen "Church Girl Chat" is a community of Church girls who are chatting about life's purpose while growing in God, building relationships, and chatting about life's challenges and wins!

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EmpowerHer Mentorship

One on One Sessions
Life's Purpose can appear unknown to many but their is a reason for your existence in the earth. I am passionate about the discovery thereof and the readiness to walk in it! I believe that if you can dream it, it can be created! Let's create your reason to live better!

One on One session are designed to stir up the dreamer, activate belief in oneself, and create a winning plan for women to succeed at living their best life!

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