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Teen Sessions
Unlocking HER Power 

We are unlocking HER Power this year in our EmpowerHER teen sessions. To know HER power is to know who SHE is in Christ. We are intentional about Unlocking HER true identity, gifts, and how to win in HER Everyday life!


Grab your besties and let's unlock the power of who we are and begin to WIN BIG in our Purpose & destiny Register Now!


Don't miss this 

powerful weekend.



EmpowerHER Conference

Friday July 14th | Worship Experience 7pm



Saturday July 15th | EmpowerHER Masterclass 9am 


Registration includes: EmpowerHER Masterclasses admission, breakfast, lunch, and conference Swagbag

Location: 900 N. May

OKC, OK 73116

"Unlocking HER Strategy"


We have always been withIn the plans of God! As a matter of fact we have been sent into the earth as a strategic plan designed by God and it's time to become aware of who we are and unlock the life we were destined for!


Many of us have not accessed who we authentically are and why we are here in the earth, but EmpowerHER 2023 we are unlocking HER true identity, HER gifts. and pushing HER into Purpose! GET READY FOR THIS POWER PACKED WEEKEND!


From our worship experience to our EmpowerHER Masterclasses we are giving practical steps to winning in HER everyday life! EmpowerHER Weekend it's about to be a game changer! Register Now!

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