Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly


As a sought after Public Speaker, a Creative, Faith-Based Entrepreneur, and an author, Kelly Butler inspires women to win big at living their best life on purpose. While breaking through her own limitations, doubts, and fears, sharing her story with others has not only shifted many lives in a huge way, but it has also shifted hers in a BIG way. Through her transparency and authentic style of delivery, she offers practical action steps to help her audience maximize their potential. Lives have been transformed by her candid and engaging message of ‘Releasing Limiting Beliefs’ in order to create a fulfilling and purpose-driven reality.


Over the past decade, Kelly has poured into the lives of countless women and girls through her community-based charitable work. She brings a unique and innovative perspective into the efforts of her projects. Her motivation for helping others comes from her personal struggles with her own personal limitations with her vision. She understands the helpless feeling that can create lack of confidence and belief in one’s self. She is disrupting the cycle of living within the boundaries that life can bring; by inspiring women to win Big at becoming their greatest self on purpose.


Kelly is a multi-talented creative who possesses an intuitive knowledge and fresh perspective on a winning lifestyle. She is passionate about Teaching, Reviving, and Empowering. Through her company, Live On Purpose, LLC, Kelly guides women through their discovery process, helping them to create a reason to live better. Her personal touch and empathetic approach brings repeat clients. They find her to be a breath of fresh air in a sea of creative professionals.

Kelly Butler has been recognized for her ability to create & produce innovative ideas that inspire others to WIN BIG at becoming their greatest self. Kelly has focused on creating for the youth & adult age, helping them to discover that their Purpose is a reason to live better.

Kelly has always had a passion to create. She founded two businesses that fulfill her passion & mission in life: K’Dione “The Style of You”

Live On Purpose, LLC “Teach, Revive, and Empower to Live”

Kelly’s dynamic approach in creativity for this generation has been proven to inspire many to discover their value. It is Kelly’s love for God and people that motivates her to LIVE On Purpose.


Kelly Butler, a dynamic speaker, teacher, and motivator, has spoken to churches, schools, youth and women’s organizations, prisons, and juvenile detention centers throughout Oklahoma City. Her Greatest passion and mission is to Teach, Revive, and Empower people to live their best life on purpose.