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Hey, I’m Coach Kelly! I am best known as The Purpose Coach.  I help women who have found themselves in H.E.R. rediscovery zone.

1. Who Am I?

2. Why Am I Here?

3. Where Am I Going?


I focus on the Revival of HER. Awakening the woman she desires to be and equipping HER with tools to Win on Purpose! I Empower with strategies of personal development, that will cause HER to come alive within HER true Identity, & Purpose! As a result of EmpowerHER coaching she will know how to win in Everyday life!


EmpowerHER Coaching focuses on the

Healed, Empowered, and Revived version of HER. Through personal development strategies we specialize in Helping HER Win in everyday life.

H.E.R. School

Learn the 3 part framework to becoming H.E.R. Discover You, Your Purpose & how to  Win in everyday Life & in Leadership! 

EmpowerHER Girl Chat

Real & Relevant Conversation that will EmpowerHER to live HER best Life!

EmpowerHER Vault

Check out this library of self-paced online courses, Workbooks, masterclasses, Journals and more.

H.E.R. Experience

What does it mean to EmpowerHER?


I am so glad you asked... My assignment is to Revive and EmpowerHER
HER -being the authentic Woman hiding within.


It’s time to

  • Find the Authentic YOU

  • Heal HER

  • Bring HER out of Hiding

  • EmpowerHER to become HER greatest self!

5 Reasons We Hide


1.Many women are ashamed of who they are, Who God created them to be, She’s uncomfortable in HER own skin.

2.Many Women feel lost and do not Know Who they are. HER created design, HER Purpose.

3.Many women have lost sight or never discovered their Value & Worth.

4.Many women are in an identity crisis! Frustrated with life. Ready for a better life, but don’t know how to obtain it.

5.Many women want change, but believe they're not worthy of change.

I want to lean into HER Belief | HER Perspective | HER Potential to help HER achieve HER best results.

Dr. Myles Munroe says it like this “Where Purpose is not known abuse is inevitable.” In order to be successful in your everyday life, you must know who you are!

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